Drinking water situation improved


In February 2018 a Dutch team of the project 'Clean Water for Bertoua' visited Bertoua and the local counterparts in this project. The objective of the mission was to review the latest maintenance work and assess the activities for the final stage of the 20 years involvement of Dutch Rotary clubs. The team met with Mutcare, a local company focussing on citizen participation, the contractor that carries out the maintenance, the Bertoua Rotary Club as counterpart and several members of the Bertoua administration, including the Governor and Prefect and the Bertoua Mayor. 

During the visit, it became clear that the activities in Bertoua to provide clean drinking water to all citizen has become a priority. The people of Bertoua that benefit from the 50 water places this project developed are creating own governance structures that also collect beneficiaries contributions to cover maintenance costs and investments needed to keep the water places in good shape.

Supported by a French donor, Bertoua is now also getting 4 water towers for distribution of treated drinking water.